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Crossword clues


Its a very nice clue and simple once you know how :confused:
Endless stuff around female Olympic competitor

The clue here is stuff, so we are looking for a word that means stuff.
So how about CRAM, but the clue goes on to say ENDLESS so we would use CRA but we are note finished yet as we have the AROUND to take into account.
so turning CRA around we have ARC. Next part of the clue is FEMALE = HER putting the two parts together we get ARCHER which is an Olympic Competitor

I have been trying to learn to do Cryptic crosswords for about 6 months now, some days I do ok others I really struggle.


The most annoying thing is when you see the answer and don't understand how it is the answer from the clue given.

I use the Guardian online Quiptic and Cryptic crosswords, they are very well implemented and easy to use.
I then also found http://www.fifteensquared.net/ which gives the answers and how they were obtained for a number of daily cryptic puzzles, its a great help.
I don't do many crosswords but I have a (bad) knack of arriving at the answer via the wrong method sometimes so it's nice to see it clearly laid out and explained as the above.
Next clue please Dave
Had a couple of looks at this now @dave58 and come up with post for after, real for genuine and flair for style, was wondering if there may be an anagram with 'after bank' or am I still miles off?


Hi @djb38 , this is embarrassing ! It was from the Times crossword and I've chucked the paper away and neither myself or Carol can remember the answer !
Hopefully it'll come back to one of us soon or we'll work it out again !