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VDW hedgehog/stubble - trying to get lucky

Thanks for making me a Mare though it is more through persistence than anything else.

I see first voyage ur coming out of the stalls, that gave me a smile after the initial disbelief. It is what it is and I very much doubt that will be happening anytime soon.

Good luck tomorrow
Totally @Nellsman but things like that happen.

Looked at the 7.55 leopardstown and it's a pass, my form horses are elusive heights, speed company, elleval, tandem, jagen hghar, le vagabond and tillys chilli. My paper lay is ceol na nog which is the rp nap

good luck today
Hello all,

good luck @Nellsman , I hope you get the winner.

I've looked at the 2.40 York and got it down to mainstream, lustrous light, azari and beardwood which is a list horse. I've bet azari, lto nk 2nd carrying 11 st in an amateur race. In that race it and the winner were both form horses. If less weight than lto is any advantage then azari should win

good luck today
Hello all,

looked at the 8.30 leopardstown and got it down to santa monica, tillys chilli, wild irish rose and wingingit. I'm not betting but of those I'd pick santa monica. Dropping from a g1 won by a form horse my way, previously won a g3 and now in a listed. sm is a form horse.

Good luck today
I've looked at the 5.00 Newmarket and got it down to ghalib, qeyaadah, love dreams and mazyoum. I'm notbbetting but of those I'd make a book of ghalib and love dreams.

None of those 4 are form horses, I can only see mountain rescue as a form horse and would much prefer it to win

good luck today
Hello all,

I've looked at the 7.00 Chelmsford and got it down to udontdodou, Russian soul and captain dion, which is a list horse. The only form horses in the race are stanghow and maakaasib. I'm not betting but I'd bet captain dion, dropping 5lbs in class, and have savers on stanghow and maakaasib

good luck today
Hello all,

yesterday 2 of my 3 horses were non runners so not a defeat.

Looked at the 7.30 naas and it's a pass. My form horses are only mine, rehana, mur hiba, music box, old time waltz and pious Alexander.

I reread systematic betting recently and from notes there based on the roushayd races I should be looking at only mine, rehana and music box

good luck today

"Mark of Esteem won twice then was raised in class and improved as Roushayd and Vouchsafe had. That's not looking at the RPR or TS but from the result. Roushayds marker was Billet, Mark of Esteem, Ashkalani."
Hedgehog I can't see anyway that MOE improved on any measure. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance
and regards
Hello @Nellsman, I got the idea of form horses from reading form class evaluation in systematic betting. You have class and form, because form is better the smaller it is you have a choice to either subtract from class or divide to get a rating.

Looked at the 7.50 Doncaster and it's a pass. Form horses are bint arcano and Savannah slew. From my notes I need to be looking at bint arcano, Savannah slew, little lady Katie and miss Sheridan.

So I think it comes down to bint arcano and Savannah slew

I got lucky that the 3 I mentioned in the 7.30 filled the first 3 places

Good luck tomorrow