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SIG's Worldwide Football Cashout Accumulators

My brother runs daily football accumulators and reckons he hits cash-out opportunities two or three times a week. I'm not sure what kind of returns he gets as he doesn't record and even remember this kind of information but I have watched him cash out a £5 bet for £400 or more a number of times.

So inspired by the success my brother has with these, I will attempt my own version. The selection criteria revolves around H2H, league position, current form, etc. I will run three or four accumulators over the course of each day. I've deposited £100 into my Bet365 account so all bets will be placed there. Starting bank is 100pts and stakes will be 1pt per bet.

Please note this is a test only and I wouldn't advise anyone to follow this with their own hard earned just yet :prankster:

Yesterday sig was a very poor days football
It was. I only got 9 out of a total of 15 selections.

My brother has clued me in on how he makes his selections and I have to say it is actually quite clever although it involves several acc's over the course of the day so I'm not sure it's going to be suitable for posting here unfortunately. Plus it involves sitting watching your phone a lot waiting for the cash out which I'm not sure is really my style...

I did run the system today just out of interest and right now am a goal away (two teams playing a cup match in Malaysia) from landing a 42/1 accumulator :eek:

And I missed out on a 57/1 accumulator at lunchtime today by just one team :eek::eek::eek: Wish I had been online as there must have been a nice cash out available on that....

There is definitely potential here!