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Wolverhampton A/W - 1st System Testing

Monday 17th June Current P/L -27.71 (after 233 bets)

6.10 Wolverhampton 5 Kozier (GER) 8/1 SB/C/BB (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (5th)

7.10 Wolverhampton 10 Cold Fusion (IRE) 12/1 Generally (BOG) 1pt Win NR

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Monday 31st July Current P/L -28.71 (after 234 bets)

8.00 Wolverhampton 8 Powered (IRE) 11/1 BetFair (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (9th)

8.30 Wolverhampton 5 Idol Deputy (FR) 25/1 Readily Available (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (10th)

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Thursday 10th August Current P/L -30.71 (after 236 bets)

8.40 Wolverhampton 4 Almoreb (IRE) 4/1 Readily Available (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (2nd)
8.40 Wolverhampton 9 Weloof (FR) 20/1 BV/L/C/BS (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (6th)

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Friday 11th August Current P/L -32.71 (after 238 bets)

3.50 Wolverhampton 12 Gifted Heir (IRE) 100/1
B365/WH/BV (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (11th)

4.50 Wolverhampton 1 Beadlam (IRE) 6/1 B365/BV (BOG) 1pt Win WON (13/2) :handgestures-thumbup:

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Monday 14th August Current P/L -27.21 (after 240 bets)

5.20 Wolverhampton 6 Odyssa (IRE) 20/1 WH/BB (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (3rd)

6.50 Wolverhampton 5 African Beat (IRE) 5/2 PP/BF (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (4th)

7.20 Wolverhampton 6 Gabrials Kaka (IRE) 9/1 Bet365 (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (5th)
7.20 Wolverhampton 9 Idol Deputy (FR) 50/1 Generally (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (11th)

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Friday 18th August Current P/L -31.21 (after 244 bets)

3.25 Wolverhampton 6 Idol Deputy (FR) 40/1 Bet365 (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (7th)

4.30 Wolverhampton 6 Quinteo (IRE) 12/1 Generally (BOG) 1pt Win LOST (9th)

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Saturday 21st October Current P/L -34.21 (after 247 bets)

6.15 Wolverhampton 9 Four Dragons 16/1 Generally (BOG) 1pt Win 2nd

6.45 Wolverhampton 5 Fierce Impact (JPN) 16/1 SkyBet (BOG) 1pt Win 4th

7.15 Wolverhampton 13 Lisnamoyle Lady (IRE) 100/1 Generally (BOG) 1pt Win 11th

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Friday October 27th Current P/L -37.21 (after 250 bets)

7.45 Wolverhampton 2 Four Champs 33/1
BF/PP/BS/BV (BOG) 1pt Win

8.15 Wolverhampton 7 Idol Deputy (FR) 50/1
Readily Available (BOG) 1pt Win